Accept payments in cryptocurrency in your internet service and telegram channel

Easy integration
Without fee
Withdrawal to fiat within the platform
Accept payments in cryptocurrency in your internet service  and telegram channel

Bitbanker's customer settlement service is a simple and convenient way to accept payments in cryptocurrencies on your website or online service.

Issue an invoice in local currency or USDT
And your client can pay with one of the three available cryptocurrencies
For comfortable work, set up auto-convert
The payment will be converted to the currency of the account

Advantages of settlements in cryptocurrencies

No need to register a legal entity
Fast cross-border payments
Additional anonymity
Absolute security

Simplify your business

Organize a seamless customer experience: accept, process and track payments in one place

Cryptocurrency settlements are suitable for many types of businesses

Telegram channels
Telegram channels
Online Services
Online Services
Online stores
Online stores
Online schools
Online schools
Game projects
Game projects
High risk business
High risk business
Equipment supplies
Equipment supplies

Easy integration with Telegram

Install a payment bot in your channel and accept payments directly in the TG
Integration takes an average of 30 minutes
The client can choose the payment currency: BTC, ETH, USDT
Payment status updated in real time
Withdrawal or conversion of received funds at any time with minimal commissions

Integration in two steps

Detailed documentation see the API section
Generate API key in settings
Enter the URL for POST requests. This URL will receive information about the payment status
On your site, the client clicks the “Pay” button and goes to the payment page. Account details are filled in automatically, he just needs to choose a convenient cryptocurrency and make a payment.
Convenient tracking of the payment status of each purchase. You always know who and for what you paid.
Bitbanker makes it easy to manage and control the flow of payments. Using a single API, you can receive payments from customers and make payments to partners. Bitbanker is a seamless financial infrastructure in one place.
Simplified invoicing
Quickly send invoices via email, SMS or link through instant messengers and social networks, including WhatsApp and Facebook
Instant payouts
Choose payment currency and split payments among several recipients
Earn more
Maximize your earnings with automatic and recurring payments. At the same time, it reduces the time for invoicing and tracking payments.
Statistics always at hand
Information about accounts and payments is always available in your personal account. Convert to fiat within the platform

Boost your sales: accept payments in cryptocurrencies with Bitbanker

Cryptocurrency settlement service from Bitbanker is a universal payment solution for cross-border trading, marketplaces and online platforms. With the help of Bitbanker, you can take your business to the international level, collect payments through a single API, and multi-cryptocurrency accounts make this process simple, convenient and fast.
0% commission on invoices issued and paid in USDT or USDC. The network commission is paid by the sender of the payment.
Минимальная сумма сумма счета - $50 или 2000 рублей
When calculating an invoice in a currency other than a foreign currency deposit, a factor of 1.04 to take advantage of the exchange rate volatility between the time of invoicing and the time of payment.
Free connection, integration and technical support
Affiliate program
Connect your clients to Bitbanker services and get up to 20% of our earnings. We are ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation with each partner.
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