Crypto Payment Gateway
for Online Merchants

Seamless integration
0% commission for accounts issued and paid in USDT
Withdrawal to fiat within the platform
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<span class='text-gradient-blue'>Crypto Payment Gateway</span><br/>for Online Merchants
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How to accept cryptocurrency payments for freelancers and businesses
Integrate our crypto-processing gateway and start accepting cryptocurrency payments on your website or mobile app
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Issue Invoices in USDT or Russian Rubles
Your clients can choose to pay using any of the available cryptocurrencies
Auto conversion
For Seamless Operations, Configure Auto-conversion
Payments will be converted into the account's currency
Simplify Your Business
Accept, process, and track your payments, ensuring uninterrupted customer service
Advantages of Cryptocurrency Settlements
No need to register a legal entity
Fast cross-border payments
Additional anonymity
Complete security
Cryptocurrency settlements are suitable for various types of businesses
Telegram channels
Telegram channels
Online services
Online services
Online schools
Online schools
Gaming projects
Gaming projects
High-risk businesses
High-risk businesses
Equipment suppliers
Equipment suppliers

Seamless Integration
with Telegram

Install a payment bot in your channel and accept payments directly within Telegram
Seamless  <span class='text-gradient-blue'>Integration</span><br/><span class='text-gradient-blue'>with Telegram</span>
The integration process takes around 30 minutes
The integration process takes around 30 minutes
Clients can choose to pay in BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, AVAX, TRX, ATOM
Clients can choose to pay in BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, AVAX, TRX, ATOM
Payment statuses are updated in real-time
Payment statuses are updated in real-time
Funds can be withdrawn or converted at any time with minimal fees
Funds can be withdrawn or converted at any time with minimal fees
Two-Step Integration
Step 1
Generate an API key in the settings section
Step 2
Enter a URL for POST requests
Payment status updates will be sent to this URL
For comprehensive documentation, refer to the API section
Invoice payment
To facilitate payment, when a client visits your website, they can click the "Pay" button and proceed to the payment page. Invoice details are pre-filled, and clients can choose their preferred cryptocurrency to complete the payment.
Track the payment status of each purchase conveniently, ensuring full visibility of payments.
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Bitbanker simplifies the management and control of payment flows, allowing you to receive payments from clients and make payouts to partners using a unified API.
Bitbanker serves as a seamless financial infrastructure, taking care of everything at once.
Simplified Invoicing
Enjoy simplified invoicing with quick delivery via email, SMS, or messenger and social media platforms, such.
Instant Payouts
Select the payment currency and divide payments among multiple recipients
Maximize Your Earnings
Maximize your earnings through automated and recurring payments, reducing the time spent on invoicing and payment tracking
Access Detailed Statistics
Access detailed account information through the personal dashboard, with the option for fiat conversion within the platform
Boost Your Sales

Accept Cryptocurrency
Payments with Bitbanker

Our crypto-processing gateway is a versatile payment solution for cross-border trade, asset trading, and online platforms. With Bitbanker, you can expand your business internationally, collect payments through a unified API, and leverage multi-cryptocurrency accounts for a straightforward, convenient, and fast payment process
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Our Terms
0% commission for invoices issued and paid in USDT or USDC. The network commission is paid by the sender of the payment
The minimum invoice amount is 50$ or 2000 rubles
When paying an invoice in a currency other than the currency of the account, a coefficient of 1.04 is applied to compensate for the volatility of rates between the time of invoicing and the time of payment.
Affiliate program
Connect your clients to Bitbanker services and get up to 20% of our earnings. We are ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation with each partner.
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