Execute large trades with our over-the-counter crypto trading service
Swap at favorable rates with minimal fees
Trade cryptocurrencies without verification (KYC)
For fiat currency transactions, KYC is required
How to trade on OTC market with Bitbanker
On Bitbanker OTC platform, you can enter into OTC transactions on favorable terms directly with another market participant. We do not charge additional fees.
Work on the site takes place in direct contact with a personal manager
Minimum transaction amount
Condition for execution of transaction
Placed "deposit" in currency or cryptocurrency for the amount of the transaction
What is the over-the-counter market?
The Platform Features
Swap at favorable rates with minimal fees
Deals starting from $100,000
Offices available in eight cities around the world
All the necessary documentation and courier services at your disposal
Reach out
Working hours
8:00-20:00 UTC +3
What is the difference between the over-the-counter market and the stock market?
There are no clear regulations and rules in the over-the-counter market:
  • requirements for assets and participants are not established;
  • value of the asset depends on the agreement between the participants;
  • rules for concluding a transaction on the over-the-counter market do not have one specific format.
In the stock market, in contrast to:
  • rules of the transaction are clearly spelled out;
  • transactions are controlled by exchange;
  • when concluding a transaction, the exchange is an intermediary;
  • everything related to participants and trading has a clear framework and requirements.
What is OTC trading?
OTC trading is trading on the over-the-counter market. With such trading, transactions are not recorded in the order book, and participants use large amounts, but in contrast to the exchange market, where, as a rule, there are many small orders.
OTC trading avoids the complexity of trade execution, partial execution and slippage that can be caused by high volatility.
Will Bitbanker charge a transaction fee?
No. Additional transaction fees are not charged. There is only a fixed rate.
What cryptocurrencies does Bitbanker support?
12 currencies are available for transactions in Bitbanker: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, ATOM, AVAX, TRX, Russian rubles, US dollars, Kyrgyz soms, UAE dirhams and euros.
What is the minimum trade size?
The minimum transaction size for OTC trading through Bitbanker is $100,000.
Who can I contact for help if receiving cryptocurrency is delayed?
You can contact support for help.
Is KYC mandatory on Bitbanker?
For transactions with fiat currencies, KYC is required. Cryptocurrency trading does not require verification.
Why Bitbanker?
Bitbanker is an international company with legal presence in Europe, UAE, and Russia.
With Bitbanker, you can perform operations with the most popular cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies easily, securely, and with no limitations.
Deposit Funds Without Fees
Deposit Funds Without Fees
0% fees on cryptocurrency and cash deposits
Crypto Payment Gateway for Online Merchants
Crypto Payment Gateway for Online Merchants
Integrate the crypto-processing solution and receive payments from customers in cryptocurrency
Commission-free Transfers
Commission-free Transfers
Transfer money to other Bitbanker clients via email free of fees
P2P Trading Without Deposits
P2P Trading Without Deposits
Unlike many other P2P trading platforms, Bitbanker does not require a deposit
Don't Lose Access to Your Wallet
Don't Lose Access to Your Wallet
Blockchains prevent the recovery of lost passwords. We can restore access to your wallet using your passport
Cryptocurrency Exchange Without KYC
Cryptocurrency Exchange Without KYC
Cryptocurrency operations without verification (KYC) for any amount
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