Frequently Asked Questions

Commissions and Limits
Cryptocurrency Deposits and Withdrawal

The size of the commission for withdrawals depends on the commission of the selected blockchain and the value of the withdrawn asset. Please note that these values are subject to change. We recommend reviewing the information provided on the withdrawal operation page for the latest updates.

Any amount below this value will be lost, and we won't be able to help recover it.
NameTickerDeposit commissionMinimum depositNetwork commission upon withdrawal Minimum withdrawal amount
BitcoinBTCFree0.0005 BTC0.0003 BTC0.0005 BTC
Bitcoin BEP-20BTCFree0.0005 BTC
EthereumETHFree0.005 ETH0.01 ETH0.02 ETH
Tether ERC-20USDTFree50 USDT
Tether BEP-20USDTFree50 USDT
TronTRXFree300 TRX10 TRX30 TRX
AvalancheAVAXFree1 AVAX0.15 AVAX1 AVAX
The fees are subject to change without prior notice. Please check the current commission rates on the website before proceeding with any operations.
Deposit and Withdrawal of Fiat

When depositing funds through one branch and withdrawing through another, a fee of 1.5% of the withdrawal amount will be charged.

NameTokenDeposit commissionsMinimum depositWithdraw commissionsMinimum withdrawal amount
RubleRUBFree5000 RUBFree5000 RUB
Dollar (Russia)USD.rFree100 USD.rFree100.r USD
Dollar (Kyrgyzstan)USD.kFree1 USD.kFree100 USD.k
DirhamAED1%100 AED1%1010 AED
KG SOMKGSFree1000 KGSFree1000 KGS
EuroEURFree100 EURFree100 EUR
Withdrawal via SWIFT

The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 USD, the maximum withdrawal amount is 1 million USD.

Amount rangeWithdrawal fee
200 – 2,000 USD100 USD
2000 – 9,999 USD5%
10,000 – 49,999 USD4%
50,000 USD and more3%
Withdrawal to VISA cards

Commission — 50 USD

Minimum withdrawal amount — 100 USD

Maximum withdrawal amount — 1500 USD

Transfers within Bitbanker

All transfers between clients within the Bitbanker service are commission-free.

What are Bitbanker Investments

Bitbanker Investments are pre-constructed investment strategies tested by our portfolio managers. Our team meticulously selects and analyzes investment instruments to mitigate risks to your capital, ensure the reliability of invested funds, and enhance their efficiency.

Exploring investment products

Navigate to the "Investing" section on our platform.

On the main page, you will find a list of all available products along with their descriptions. Click on the "Learn more" button to delve into each product.

Here, you will find:

Product information
Investment terms and parameters
Components contributing to returns

Familiarize yourself with the minimum amount listed, which represents the current cost of one unit of the product.

Also, take note of the asset lock period, which signifies the minimum duration required before you can sell your lots and retrieve your initial investment.

How to invest
Investments are available exclusively in USDT (Tether)

Select the desired product and click on “Invest”.

Next, input the quantity of lots you wish to purchase. The cost of a single lot can be found in the detailed product parameters.

For instance, one lot of the DeFi Investments product costs 9,998.5 USDT. If you want to invest this amount, input "1." For an investment twice as large, input "2."

Our service will calculate the precise amount in USDT that you are investing, which is equivalent to the current cost of one unit multiplied by the entered quantity of units.

Click on "Buy."

Done! You will be redirected to the "My investments" page, where your acquired assets will be displayed. Here, you can track the performance of your investments and the income generated.

Monitoring your investment performance

Navigate to the "My investments" page. Here, you will find information about all your acquired assets, including the dynamics of your investments and the income earned, such as:

Total income in USDT
Percentage return from the product

You can also buy more or sell your acquired assets. The sale of lots can be done once the lock-up period ends.

How to Sell My Acquired Products

Go to the "My investments" section. Select the desired product and click on “Sell”.

Input the quantity of lots you wish to sell and confirm your decision.

You can sell units only after the lock-up period ends.

Your funds will become available in your balance once the portfolio manager withdraws them from the investment pool.

How Income is Accrued

Each product has unique payout conditions. You can find them in the product parameters under the Profit for the Last Month section, indicated by a question mark icon.

Registering and Setting up an Account
How to Register

Step 1. Click on the “Sign Up” button or follow the link.

Step 2. Fill in all the information and click on the “Sign Up” button.

Step 3. An email with a confirmation code will be sent to the specified email address. Enter the code on the website.

Congratulations! You have opened an account with Bitbanker.

If you have not received a confirmation email, make sure that you have checked your email thoroughly.

Additionally, please review your Promotions and Spam folders. If you do not find the email in any of these folders, please contact our support team through the online chat feature located in the lower right corner of our website.

After registration, you can:

Deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency from the account;
Buy/sell cryptocurrency;
Transfer funds to other clients of Bitbanker.

To top up your account with Rubles, Dollars, or UAE Dirhams, go through the verification procedure (KYC). KYC serves as proof of your identity as stated on your passport. For more information, please refer to the “Verification (KYC)” section.

How to Log in

Before entering your username and password, please make sure that you are on the website. To verify, please check the address bar.

The “Login” button can be found in the upper right corner of the website.

Click on it and a login form will open.

Account Setup

Click on the profile icon in the top right corner and select the “Account and KYC” section.

Fill in the details:

First and last name
Date of birth
Country and address of residence
Please note that once you save the provided information, it will be permanent and cannot be changed by yourself later.
How to Protect Your Account

In the “Security” section, you can:

Enable two-factor authentication
Change your password
Two-factor Authentication

This is the protection of your account with the help of an additional code.

You need to enter your username and password to access your account. The service will prompt you to enter a verification code retrieved from the Google Authenticator application on your mobile phone. Please note that this code changes every 30 seconds.

The verification code serves as an additional layer of protection, preventing unauthorized access to your account even if someone obtains your password.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Download the Google App Authenticator or any similar app from Play Market or AppStore on your phone.

Then go to the “Security” section and click on the slider.

Scan the QR code with the scanner in the application or enter the number manually (for that, click on “Can't scan the QR code?”).

Enter the code from the authenticator app.

Congratulations! You have enabled two-factor authentication. Please ensure to securely record the code displayed on the screen.

What to do if you lose your code/password

In the event of losing your code or password, please contact our support team at Provide the following information:

Your KYC information;
Account login;
Information regarding recent deposits and withdrawals of currencies.
Changing Your Password

To keep your account safe, we recommend you to:

Change your password every 30 days;
Choose unique and complex combinations that include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols;
Store the password in a safe place and never share it with anyone.

Please be informed that the official Bitbanker team will never request users to provide their password information.

How to change your password

To modify your password, open the “Security” settings section. At the bottom of the window, enter a new password and repeat it.

After that, click on the “Change Password” button. Congratulations!

Account Balance

The account balance is located within the "Balance" section, which is represented by a rectangular block on the right-hand side of the screen, displaying the currencies currently held in your account.

To access an overview of all your funds, click on the "View All" button.

This includes the following categories:

Locked. Amounts engaged in ongoing operations, such as buy/sell orders placed at your specified price or pending withdrawal requests.

Funds pending. Amounts expected to be credited to your account, such as balance top-up requests and pending invoice payments.

Verification (KYC)
What is KYC and Why It Is Necessary

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a passport verification procedure so you confirm your identity.

Why verification is needed:

1. After passing the KYC procedure, you will have access to operations with currencies.

2. We will restore you access to your account using your passport if you forgot your password.

3. Also, the exchange protects itself with the help of verification, and you from “dirty” money obtained illegally via terrorism or money laundering.

How to Pass KYC Verification

On Bitbanker, you can pass verification for individuals, sole proprietors and LLC. To do this, go to the "Profile and KYC" section.

Select the required type of verification, fill out the form and send the information for verification.

If you have chosen an individual account, you have access to "Standard KYC" and "KYC Kyrgyzstan."

With Standard KYC, you can:

Use all Bitbanker services.
Deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies, rubles, and USD.R.

With KYC Kyrgyzstan, you can additionally:

Deposit and withdraw USD.K, euros, and Kyrgyz soms in cash at the Bishkek office.
Withdraw USD.K via SWIFT and VISA.
Fund your account through a bank transfer using the provided details.
Requirements for Document Photos for KYC Verification

Please read the document photo requirements carefully. This information will help save time and pass verification on the first attempt.

Proof of Identity

This can be a citizen ID card, national (internal) passport, or an international passport. You need to upload a photo or scan of the specified document. The operator cannot accept photos of other documents, even if they contain your passport details.

Your passport photo requirements

Use documents with Latin or Cyrillic letters only.
Upload scanned copies or photos in JPG, JPEG, PNG, or HEIC formats.
Use only color images.
Do not edit the documents.
Do not cover the documents with your fingers. All details of the document in the copy or photo must be visible, including the corners of the document.
Files should be between 200 KB and 8 MB in size.

Proof of Address

A passport page with registration, a utility bill, or a document issued by local authorities confirming your place of residence could serve as a proof of address document.

The photo of the proof of address document should include:

Your full name.
Residential address.
The ID document number. It should be the document whose photo you have already submitted. The information in all three photos should match.


If you uploaded a photo of an internal passport with the number 1111 111111 as the identity document, and for residence confirmation, you decided to upload a photo of a bank statement. The statement should include your full name, residential address, and passport number 1111 111111, which you uploaded earlier. If the ID document number does not match the one provided in the “Passport/ID” field, the operator cannot verify its authenticity and ownership to you and will be forced to reject the documents.

How to Take a Selfie with the Proof of Identity Document
Ensure all edges of the document are visible.
The entire information on the document should be readable. The operator cannot accept documents with glare.
Take a selfie only with the document you uploaded in the "Passport/ID" field.
How long does document verification take?

Document verification can take from an hour to a day. When we accept documents or ask you to change your photo, you will receive an email, and the status in the “Account and KYC” section will change.

If the documents need to be checked urgently, please write to the support service.

What to do if you made a mistake in the provided details

If you want to change the details, please write to the support service in the online chat - the icon in the lower right corner.

Deposits, Transfers, and Withdrawals
Topping up your balance with cryptocurrencies

Step 1. Click on the “Deposit” button and select a cryptocurrency from the list.

Step 2. Scan the QR code or copy the Bitbanker wallet address.

Step 3. Pay attention to the minimum deposit amount. If you deposit a smaller amount, the money will be locked until you top up the wallet again to the minimum required amount.

Step 4. Transfer the cryptocurrencies to the copied address.

Any amount below this value will be lost, and we won't be able to help recover it.


Before topping up the balance on the Bitbanker platform, be sure to check:

1. If the cryptocurrency that you want to deposit onto your account balance is present in the list.

2. The blockchain of the cryptocurrency you are depositing matches the blockchain chosen in your Bitbanker wallet. For example, if you send Ether to a Bitcoin wallet, the funds will be lost.

3. You have entered the destination wallet address correctly.

If you enter the data incorrectly and carry out the operation, the money will be lost, and we will not be able to help return it.

Any top-up of the balance on the Bitbanker platform can be viewed in the “Operations History” section.

Topping up your balance with fiat

To use fiat funds, you need to pass verification (KYC) of your account in Bitbanker. Without passing the KYC verification procedure, you can only use cryptocurrencies to top up your account.

We only accept newly issued 100 USD bills as legal tender. Please note that bills bearing any form of marks or stamps will not be accepted.

Balance top-up options:

Cash dirhams in Dubai
Cash in US dollars, euros, and Kyrgyz soms in Bishkek
Cash Rubles and Dollars in Moscow
Rubles from a bank card via the P2P service

In this section, we will explore cash top-up options.

Minimum amounts for cash top-up:

Dirhams in Dubai — 100 AED
US Dollars in Bishkek - 1 USD
Kyrgyz soms in Bishkek - 1,000 KGS
Euros in Moscow - 100 EUR
Dollars in Moscow — 100 USD
Rubles in Moscow — 5,000 RUB
When depositing funds through one branch and withdrawing through another, a commission of 1.5% is charged. When depositing and withdrawing through one branch, no commission will be charged.

To top up your account, click on the “Deposit” button and select the currency.

In the top-up form, enter:

1. The amount of funds deposited.

2. Indicate whether the funds will be deposited by yourself or by another individual.

Then, create an operation.

In the next step, you will see a code. Copy and save it, as you will need to provide it to the operator in the office.

Write to the operator in the support chat that you want to top up your account and send the operation code. Then agree on a time for visiting the office and the operator will issue you a pass.

Bank transfer top-up

You can top up your Bitbanker balance via bank transfer using the provided details.

The minimum transfer amount is 5,000 rubles.

Without proof of the source of funds, the maximum transfer amount is 500,000 rubles.

With valid proof of the source of funds, the maximum transfer amount increases to 4,500,000 rubles.

How to proceed

Complete the Kyrgyzstan KYC verification.
To obtain the details, contact the support team through the chat on the website or the support bot on Telegram. Please mention that you have already undergone the KYC of Kyrgyzstan.

Our support team will verify the KYC and prepare the contract. After signing the contract, the operator will provide you with the details and explain what to do next.


You will be transferring rubles, and USDT will be credited to your Bitbanker account.
Commission fee is - 2%.
The exchange rate is calculated based on the RUB/USD rate on the exchange on the following day after the funds are received.
The funds will be credited to the Bitbanker account within three business days from the date of sending.
Cryptocurrency withdrawals

How to withdraw cryptocurrencies:

1. Click on the “Deposits and Withdrawals” button and select a cryptocurrency;

2. Select a network;

3. Enter the amount;

4. Enter the wallet address to which you intend to transfer the cryptocurrencies;

5. Ensure that the selected transfer network is accurately chosen and that the wallet address is entered correctly. Note that in the event the chosen network is not supported by the wallet, any funds transferred may become irretrievable, and regrettably, we will be unable to assist in their recovery.

Enter the verification code from the Google Authentication app and confirm the withdrawal using the email you receive.


On the Operations History page, you can track the status of the withdrawal. Withdrawals are processed from 1 to 60 minutes depending on network load.

Withdrawal of fiat funds

To withdraw fiat funds, you need to verify your account in Bitbanker. Without passing KYC, you can only use cryptocurrencies.

Fiat currency withdrawal options:

Cash Dirhams in Dubai
Cash in US dollars, euros, and Kyrgyz soms in Bishkek
Cash Rubles and Dollars in Moscow
To a bank card via P2P exchange
Dollars via SWIFT transfer

In this section, we will explore cash withdrawal options.

Minimum withdrawal amounts:

Dirhams in Dubai — 100 AED
US Dollars in Bishkek - 1 USD
Kyrgyz soms in Bishkek - 1,000 KGS
Euros in Moscow - 100 EUR
Rubles in Moscow — 5,000 RUB
Dollars in Moscow — 100 USD
When depositing funds through one branch and withdrawing through another, a commission of 1.5% is charged. When depositing and withdrawing through one branch, no commission will be charged.

In the withdrawal form:

1. Choose a currency

2. Enter the amount

3. Indicate whether the funds will be received by yourself or by another individual

When you click on the “Create Operation” button, the service will generate a code for you. Send it in the chat with the operator and agree on a time to visit the office. The operator will then issue you a pass.

Withdrawal via SWIFT Transfers
You can withdraw funds only to foreign accounts, not to those of Russian banks.

Please be advised that the completion of the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is required for engaging in any transactions involving SWIFT transfers.

Transfer durations may extend up to six business days.

The minimum withdrawal amount is set at 200 USD, while the maximum limit stands at 1 million USD.


Withdrawal from 200 to 2,000 USD – 100 USD
Up to 10 thousand USD — 5%
Up to 50 thousand USD — 4%
Over 50 thousand USD — 3%

How to withdraw funds via SWIFT

1. On the main panel, click on the “Withdraw” button;

2. Choose Dollars;

3. Fill out the form;

4. Create an operation.

Next, the operator will check the entered data and send the funds during the working day. You will receive an email if any clarifications on the provided information are needed.

Withdrawal to VISA cards

You can withdraw from 100 to 1,500 USD to foreign VISA cards.

How to create an operation:

Go to the "Deposit and withdrawal" section, click on the "Withdraw" button;
Select the currency - USD.R or USD.K;
Select the withdrawal method - "To VISA card";
Fill out the form.

Please note that withdrawal transactions to bank cards issued in the following countries are not supported:



— Iran

— Sudan

— Myanmar (Burma)

— Cuba

— Syria

— Iraq

— Algiers

— Russia

USD.r and USD.k

What is USD.r and USD.k

This denotes the standard US Dollar, wherein the letter following the dot signifies the specific geographical location associated with the funds.

USD.r (US Dollar Russia) refers to US dollars that can be deposited or withdrawn in cash at the Moscow office.

USD.k (US Dollar Kyrgyzstan) refers to US dollars that can be deposited or withdrawn in cash in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek).

Why are these currencies separated?

Market exchange rates vary from country to country.

To illustrate, let's compare the USD/USDT exchange rate in Kyrgyzstan and Russia. In the Kyrgyzstan market, 1 US dollar can be exchanged for 1.05 USDT, whereas in Russia, the exchange rate is 0.99 USDT.*

* Please note that the provided exchange rate is current at the time of writing.

The significant difference in exchange rates makes it unfavorable for some clients if only one trading pair is available.

Both USD.r and USD.k can be withdrawn via SWIFT and VISA. However, cash withdrawals are only possible in the country whose Dollar symbol is associated with your account balance.

Transfer confirmation

In blockchain, transaction confirmation is needed to transfer funds once. As soon as the sender transfers the funds, the transaction enters the blockchain for execution and inclusion in the block. This is where the active miners of the cryptocurrency network come into play. Thanks to their efforts, the network adds the transaction to the blockchain and confirms it (usually multiple confirmations are needed).

The speed of transaction confirmation depends on many factors:

Network load;
The amount of the commission specified during the transfer;
Internet connection speed, etc.

On average, transaction confirmation lasts from 30 minutes to several hours. However, sometimes it can take from two to 14 days if the network is overloaded. The withdrawal of funds will become technically possible when a certain number of confirmations by the network take place (depending on the type of cryptocurrency transferred).

The Bitbanker platform has set the following number of blocks required to confirm payment:

How to cancel a fiat currency transfer

You created an operation to top up your account or withdraw Rubles, Dollars, or Dirhams, but changed your mind. You can cancel the operation in the “Operations” section. Click on the trash can icon and confirm the operation in the window that opens.

Transfers within Bitbanker

You can transfer funds without commission to another client of Bitbanker. On the main page, click on the “Transfer” button.

Select the currency of the transfer, enter the amount and the email address using which the Bitbanker account was registered.

Click on the “Perform Transfer” button. The funds will be sent immediately to the client's account.

Types of orders

The Market order allows you to buy or sell an asset instantly at the best price in the order book.

Its advantage is instant execution.

The Limit order is an order to buy or sell assets at your proposed price. The platform will automatically make an exchange when a matching offer appears in the order book.

Please note that a limit order is typically not executed instantaneously like a market order. The order will be executed once another Bitbanker user decides to sell/buy coins at the price you have offered. However, you can earn a 4% annual interest on the amount locked in limit orders for currency pairs involving USDT. You can learn more about this process here.

How to create an order

Go to the “Buy and Sell” page and choose your desired pair.

Fill out the form to create an order:

Step 1. Choose an action: buy or sell.

Step 2. Select the type of order: Market order or Limit order.

Step 3. Fill out the form that corresponds to the selected order.

Step 4. Click on the “Buy” or “Sell” button.

Please note that you must have sufficient funds on your balance to place an order.


If you placed a Limit order, you can now see it in “My Orders”. It will appear in the window immediately or when the condition is fulfilled.

How to cancel an order

In the “Buy and Sell” service, navigate to the "My Orders" section. Select the desired order and click on the trash can icon.

You can only delete an order that has not yet been executed. Once the order is executed, it can no longer be canceled.
The order has not been canceled, or the tokens were not transferred to the account

Please, write to the support chat on the website and attach a screenshot of the order or error.

We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Where can I see my operations history?

Open the Operations history page. A list of all operations in chronological order will open on the page.

Where can I see my open orders?

In the “Buy and Sell” service, navigate to the "My Orders" section.

I placed an order to buy 100 coins, and only 20 coins were transferred to me. Why?

The order was partially filled. Another Bitbanker client sold only 20 coins at your price. Your order will be filled in full when other clients show up and sell another 80 coins at your price.

Please wait until the order for the remaining coins is executed.

I placed an order, but for some reason, it was not executed. At the same time, I see that buy orders, with a cheaper price, have already been processed. Why?

All orders are executed only by platform users.

The administration of the service does not conduct, control, or interfere with trading on the platform. If you want to speed up the operation, you can cancel the open order and create a new one with a different price.

Earnings on Limit Orders

Place orders at "your price" to buy cryptocurrencies for rubles and USDT and earn 4% annual interest. Income is accrued on the order amount while funds are locked in the order book. No interest is accrued on the day when the order is fully or partially executed.

Income is accrued in six pairs when buying:


No interest is accrued for cryptocurrency sell orders.

Imagine, you place a sell order for 2,000 USDT, and the transaction is completed on the fifth day.

The order earns 4% annual interest, meaning you can earn 80 USDT in a year.

Let's calculate the income you will receive for those four days when there were no transactions on the order. Income is credited to your account daily for each full day that has passed while the order is in the order book. Therefore, we divide the total amount of 80 by 365 days in a year to get 0.22 USDT. This is your daily income, and the total income for four days will be 0.88 USDT.

You can check the accrual of income in the "Operations History".

What is two-factor authentication and how to enable it

This is the protection of your account with an additional code.

Once you enter your username and password to sign in, the service will ask you to enter a verification code that you will have on your phone in the Google Authenticator application. This code changes every 30 seconds.

The code will not allow an attacker to log into your account, even if they manage to obtain your password.

How to enable two-factor authentication

Download the Google Authenticator app or any similar app from Play Market or AppStore on your phone.

Then go to the “Security” section and click on the slider.

Scan the QR code with a scanner in the downloaded app, or enter the number manually (click on the “can't scan QR code” button).

Enter the code from the authenticator app.

Congratulations! You have enabled two-factor authentication. Write down the code from the screen and store it in a safe place.

If you need additional help

If you come across any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support service via email at or through the online chat feature (the icon in the bottom right corner of the site). We're here to help!

Why was my operation blocked? What is suspicious activity?

If the program considers any activity in your account suspicious, the transfer of funds may be frozen.

What kinds of activities may be considered suspicious:

Change of password;
Disabling of two-factor authentication;
Change of the usual device. For example, you logged in from another computer, phone, tablet;
Change of country.

Why do we need this

This is how we protect your funds from attackers. This is a common security measure implemented on many financial platforms.

How to unfreeze the funds

The message indicates the date and time when the freeze will be lifted. Unfortunately, you can only wait, because if your account was compromised by attackers, they can contact us in the same way on your behalf and ask to lift the freeze.

What should I do if I did not do anything and I received a notification of suspicious activity?

Change the passwords on your account and on your email immediately. Enable two-factor authentication and contact us in the support chat.

I changed my phone, I want to transfer Google Authenticator to it

I have access to an old device

1. On the phone that currently has two-factor authentication for your account, open the Google Authenticator app.

2. Go to settings and select “Export Accounts”.

3. The app will generate a QR code for the export.

4. On your new phone, download Google Authenticator.

5. In the application, go to the “Export Accounts” settings section and select “Import accounts”.

6. Scan the QR code.

The whole process will take no more than five minutes.

Congratulations! You have transferred Google Authenticator to your new phone and can receive verification codes on it.

I don't have access to my old device

I have a reset code.

Download the Google Authenticator app on your new phone and use the reset code when setting up the app.

I don't have a reset code.

If you need help resetting Two-Factor Authentication, please reach out to us via email at Mention "Two-Factor Authentication Reset" in the subject line so that we can assist you promptly.

How to change your password

To keep your account safe, we recommend you:

Change your password every 30 days;
Choose unique and complex combinations that include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols;
Store your password in a safe place and never share it with anyone.

Open the “Security” settings section. Enter the new password and repeat it.

After that, click on the “Change Password” button.

Transaction verification

Bitbanker conducts mandatory user verification (KYC) and is entitled to conduct AML checks on incoming cryptocurrency transactions through the third-party service Crystalblockchain and its equivalents.

AML and KYC procedures are necessary to comply with Bitbanker's financial regulators' standards.

Through AML checks, Bitbanker identifies the involvement of cryptocurrency in suspicious operations. If the check results in a negative outcome, funds may be frozen until the transaction is investigated.

How to open a deposit

From the main page, navigate to the “Loans and Deposits” section and select "Staking Deposits".

Select the currency, amount, and the deposit term, and read the terms and conditions carefully. The "Expected Yield" line shows how much you will earn from this deposit.

When you read the terms, check the "I accept the Terms of Service” box, and click "Open Deposit".

Income is credited to your account daily in equal installments during the deposit period. You can check your payouts in the Operations History.

Conditions for opening a deposit
You can open a deposit in USDT or Rubles.
While there are no minimum restrictions on the amount of USDT to be deposited, the minimum amount of the deposit in Rubles is 50 thousand.
The deposit can be opened for seven, fourteen, and 21 days, as well as indefinitely.
Interest on term deposits is accrued daily, while for non-term deposits, it is calculated on a monthly basis.
Deposits are allocated to loans backed by cryptocurrencies, ensuring the security of your funds.
We strive to offer competitive interest rates on deposits. To stay informed about the current interest rates, please visit the “Deposits” section.
When and how can I close a deposit?

You can close a deposit at any time or wait until the deposit is closed automatically. In either case, the funds will be available to you immediately.

If you decide to close the deposit before its intended completion, please note that you won't earn interest for the last month.

How to close a deposit

To close a deposit, go to the “Deposits” section located at the bottom of the page. There, you'll find a list of all your open deposits. Click the "Close Deposit" button next to the deposit you wish to close, and confirm your decision.

Is there a guarantee that I will receive interest on Bitbanker products even if the cryptocurrency market falls?

Yes, the interest rate on each product is guaranteed.

Where can I view my payment history?

You can track the payment and deposit repayment history in the “Operations History” section.

If you're interested in viewing only deposit operations and interest payments, use the filter option.

How to get a loan

On the main page go to the “Loans and Deposits” section.


The currency in which you want to get a loan;
The amount of the loan;
The collateral currency.

Please review the terms thoroughly. If you find them satisfactory, kindly select the checkbox labeled "I accept the Terms of Service" and proceed by clicking the "Borrow" button.

Your loan has been successfully initiated, and the funds have been promptly transferred to your account balance. To conveniently access an overview of all your active loans, please navigate to the ”Loans” section located at the bottom of the page.

Loan terms
The loan can be taken in USDT or Rubles;
The amount of the loan is 75% of the collateral;
BTC, ETH, and USDT can be used as collateral;
The loan is issued for one month (30 days);
Loan interest is calculated once a day.
How to repay a loan

The loan repayment can be made either at the end of the agreed term or in advance, with no associated extra charges. To proceed with the repayment process, please navigate to the “Loans” section, located at the bottom of the page, where all ongoing loans are displayed. Locate the specific loan you wish to repay and click on the "Repay" button situated on the right-hand side of the loan entry.

The loan can be repaid in full or in part. Enter the desired amount in the window that opens and click on the “Repay the loan” button.

Congratulations! The loan has been repaid.

If you repay the loan ahead of the agreed-upon schedule, then interest will be accrued only for the past full day from the date of opening the loan. You do not need to pay interest for incomplete days.

What happens if you don't pay off your loan on time?

Following any delay, a grace period of 30 days is allotted for loan repayment. During this period, an intensified interest rate is applied. Failure to settle the loan within this timeframe will result in the utilization of the collateral as a means of repayment.

The collateral will be liquidated by selling it at the prevailing market price. A commission of 5% of the loan amount will be levied for the liquidation process. Subsequently, interest will be charged for the entire duration of the loan, encompassing both the period of use and the principal amount. In the event that any surplus funds remain thereafter, they are returned to the client's balance.

Why is the amount of the loan not equal to the collateral?

The loan amount corresponds to 75% of the collateral's value, ensuring sufficient coverage for both the loan and any associated interest in the event of a decline in its price.

If the price of the collateral drops by 20%, then it is automatically sold at the market price and used to repay the loan and interest on it, as well as a liquidation fee of 5% of the amount of the loan.

Where can I find the history of transactions with loans?

Information on loans, repayments, and liquidations of collateral can be found in the “Operations History” section.

Crypto Payment Processing
How to create an account

On the main page, select the Crypto Payment Processing service and click on the “Create an account” button.

Fill out the form:

Enter your name or company name
Enter the name of the payer or the name of the company, so you can track who paid the bill
Enter the email of the recipient, as they will receive a payment invoice
Describe the type of work you have done to indicate what work or service you will receive payment for

Select the settlement currenc.

Enter the transfer amount in the settlement currency and select the cryptocurrency in which you agree to receive payment. Please note the minimum invoice amount.

Select the date by which you want to pay the invoice. If you want the funds to be credited to the balance immediately in Rubles or USDT, then confirm this in the “Convert payment currency to account currency” section. And click on the “Create an Account” button.

Congratulations! The link to the account will be sent to the payer at the specified email, and you can also copy the link to the account and send it in any other way.

All issued invoices can be viewed in the Crypto Payment Processing section.

How to check an invoice payment

All issued invoices can be viewed in the Crypto Payment Processing section. The status and corresponding payment amount of each invoice, if already fulfilled, are indicated on the right-hand side.

You can also check the payments in the Operations History” section.


0% commission for invoices issued and paid in the same currency. The network fee is covered by the payment sender.

If you issue an invoice in one currency and the client pays in another, a coefficient of 1.04 is applied at the time of payment. This is to compensate for the currency exchange rate change that may occur between the invoice creation and payment time, ensuring you receive the exact amount specified in the invoice.

API Documentation

To create an account, you need to make a POST request to the URL:

In the header of the request, you need to pass your API key:

X-API-KEY: xxxx

in the body of the request, you must provide:

	"payment_currencies": ["BTC"], // list of cryptocurrencies in which payments can be accepted, possible values: BTC, ETH, ATOM, USDC, USDT, TRX, AVAX
	"currency": "USDT", // account currency, possible values: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, TRX, ATOM, AVAX
	"amount": 100, // invoice amount
	"description": "buying a laptop model ACer..", // invoice description
	"language": "en" // the language of the invoice your client will receive.
	"header": "Company", // invoice header (name of the organization that issued the invoice)
	"payer": "John Doe", // who is billed
	"is_convert_payments": false, // convert received funds into Rubles or leave them in crypto
	"data": {}, // any data in json format (they will later be sent as a response in a webhook request)
	"sign": "requestsign", // request signature is calculated as (hmac(currency + amount + 	header + description, api_key, sha256))

Upon successful creation, we will send you a response:

	"result": "success",    
	"id": "1izt8r3YNoZ6kgwewB3xCB",    
	"link": "",    
	"addresses": {      
		"BTC": "1JxiDZYqFReWStvRy8tAm3LLFY9BaGrHZp"   

You can also set up a webhook for your API so that you know when the payment was successful. This requires that you send us a URL to which we can make a POST request in the following format:

  "paid": true,
  "id": "123456qwerty",
  "amount": 50,
  "currency": "USDT",
  "paid_amount": 50,
  "transactions": [
      "tx_id": "sfsertert23425345342345345",
      "amount": 0.00015,
      "fee": 0.0000000025,
      "currency": "BTC"
  "data": {},
  "sign": "requestsign", // request signature is calculated as (hmac(currency + amount + header + description, api_key, sha256))
  "sign_2": "webhooksign"// request signature is computed as (hmac(currency + amount 	+ header + description, api_secret, sha256))

To retrieve account information, perform a GET request to the following URL:

Include the following headers:

          X-API-KEY:"eGvBwIyn-Lwm6Yr4r-08UYI8DazyaR9t", // your API-KEY

Include the following parameters:

          id:"1YvVWI08GbDUb4D27LRp4n", // where id is the identifier of the account for which you wish to retrieve information
Widget Installation for Crypto Payment Processing

You can integrate a widget into your project to receive payments for goods or services using Bitbanker.

There are three types of available widgets:

The customer enters their email and payment amount. This widget is suitable for online stores or services without a fixed cost and user authorization when you cannot or do not want to collect user data.
The customer only enters the payment amount. It is suitable for installation in the user's personal account. To display the email address on the invoice, you need to pre-set the loading of the payer's email.
The 'Pay' button. It is suitable for installation in the user's personal account next to a product or service with a fixed cost. To display the email address on the invoice, you also need to pre-set the loading of the payer's email.
How to Install the Widget

Insert the HTML code for the widget at the designated location.

Go to your website and insert the following code into the <head></head> section of your site:

          <script src=""></script>


Place the widget in your desired location and insert the following HTML code:

          <acquiring-widget api-key="API_KEY" amount="AMOUNT" email="EMAIL" direction="DIRECTION" lang="ru" source="SOURCE" currency="CURRENCY" payment-currencies="PAYMENT_CURRENCIES" payer="PAYER"></acquiring-widget>

Widget Parameters


          amount: "2000" // the invoice amount. You can leave this field empty if it is not necessary to specify the exact amount in advance — amount=””
"api-key": "xxxxx" // your API is located here
source: "xxx" // source, the name of the widget
lang: "en" // the widget language — "ru"| "en", default -"ru"


          email: "" // payer’s email
direction: "row" // visual orientation of the widget "row" or "column", default — "column"
currency: "RUB" // currency in which the invoice is issued. Possible values: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, TRX, ATOM, AVAX, RUB.R, default — "RUB.R"
view: "full" // widget display mode, "full" — including the ‘email’ and ‘amount’ fields, and the payment button | "amount"— including the ‘email’ field and the payment button | "button"— the payment button only, default — "full"
"button-text": "Pay" // the payment button text, default - "Оплатить/Pay"
description: "consulting" // the product for which you receive payment. The text field “Payment for” on the invoice page
header: "Online school" // your details, the information on the entity/person that issues the invoice. The text field “Invoice from” on the invoice page
"payment-currencies": "BTC, USDT" // cryptocurrency with which the invoice can be paid. Possible values: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, TRX, ATOM, AVAX. default - "BTC, ETH, USDT"
payer: "name" // the name of the person you’re invoicing. On the invoice page this field is called “Invoice for”
Bitbanker Offices and Trusted Exchangers
Bitbanker Offices
To visit the offices, you need to create a transaction in advance and write to our support team to arrange a meeting time.

The office is located in Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Towers. There you can deposit cash in dirhams or withdraw them from your account. To visit the office, you must also create a transaction in advance and contact support to arrange a meeting time.

Working hours: 10:00 to 21:00 GST (UTC +4)

The second office is located in Bishkek, at Frunze Street, building 393A. In this office, you can deposit cash in Kyrgyz soms, and US dollars. The dollars will be reflected in your account as USD.k.

Working hours: 9:00 to 18:00 KGS (UTC +6). Saturday and Sunday: closed

The third office is located in Moscow, Moscow International Business Center (also known as Moscow City), the “Tower West” building. The Moscow office will help you top up your account in cash dollars, euros and Rubles or withdraw them from your account.

Working hours: 10:00 to 21:00 GST (UTC +3).

Trusted Exchangers

If you have never used exchangers and are not sure that you can choose a reliable one, then we recommend working with the ones from the following list.

Exchangers set commissions and exchange rates at their own discretion.
Customer support

Our customer support operates daily from 4:00 to 21:00 UTC

The most reliable way to contact the support service is via messenger on the Bitbanker website.

First, check if you are on the right website. Service address is

In the lower right corner, there is a support icon, by clicking on it, you will see four ways of contacting the operators:

The website chat
the Telegram Bot
Connect the Telegram Bot to Your Account

You can connect a Telegram bot to your account on the website. On the home page, click the profile icon in the upper right corner and go to the "Notifications" section.

Click 'Connect to Telegram bot,' navigate to it, and launch it. The bot will send you a welcome message and instructions on how to connect.

To connect the bot to your Bitbanker account, send to the chat the email address that you used to register in your Bitbanker account.

You will receive an email with a confirmation code, please copy the code and send it to the chat with the bot.

In case you entered the email with an error, press "Menu" and select the /clear command. Then, re-enter the email address and send the verification code from your email to the chat.

After sending the verification code to the chat, you will receive a message in response, confirming the connection. All the functions of the bot will now become available to you.

Check Your Balance

There are two ways to check your account balance:

Via the Telegram bot.
On the website.

To check your balance via the Telegram bot, press the 'Menu' button in the bot, and then press the /balance command. The bot will display all the funds available in your account.

The Balance section is located on the home page of the website.

The "Show All" button will allow you to view your entire balance.


Locked. Amounts engaged in ongoing operations, such as buy/sell orders placed at your specified price, or pending withdrawal requests.
Funds pending. Amounts expected to be credited to your account, such as balance top-up requests and pending invoice payments.

You can check which Telegram account your funds came from in the 'Operation History'.

Fund Transfers via the Bitbanker Telegram Bot

To initiate a fund transfer using the Bitbanker Telegram bot, please follow the steps below:

Open a chat with the Bitbanker Telegram bot.

Access the menu and select the "/transfer" command.

Enter the Telegram username of the intended recipient. Please ensure the username includes the "@" symbol, as it serves as a public link to the account and is required for the transfer.

To obtain the recipient's username, you can copy it from the Telegram chat menu. Click on the chat header and copy the username, which begins with the "@" symbol.

Send the Telegram username to the bot in the chat.

If you entered a username that does not have a Bitbanker account, the bot will notify you accordingly.

You can transfer funds to a user who is either not registered with Bitbanker or has not connected their Telegram account to their Bitbanker account. The recipient will be able to withdraw the funds immediately after registering with Bitbanker and linking their Telegram account. The bot will provide you with prompts that you can send to the recipient.

If you entered an incorrect username, you can restart the operation by clicking on "Start again".

For transfers to unregistered users, we credit 1% of the transfer amount to your account.

After successfully entering the username in the chat, the bot will display the balance of your Bitbanker account and prompt you to select the currency for the transfer. Click on the desired currency in which you wish to make the transfer.

Enter the amount you wish to transfer.

Done! The transfer has been completed.

Cashback for transfers via the Telegram Bot

Transfer funds to users not registered on Bitbanker and receive a 1% cashback on the transfer amount.

The funds will be credited to the user's account once they complete two steps:

Register on Bitbanker and connect the Telegram account to which the transfer was sent.
Complete the KYC verification.
How to make a transfer to an unregistered user:

Open the Bitbanker Telegram bot and select the "Transfer Funds" command from the menu.

Enter the Telegram username of the user to whom you want to transfer funds.

The username is the public link to the Telegram account which begins with "@.”

Once you send the username, the bot will check if the user is registered on Bitbanker or not. If not, it will send you a mini-instruction that you can forward to the recipient.

Ensure that the sent username is error-free. Funds can be returned after 10 days if sent to an incorrect username.

Choose the transfer currency.

Enter the transfer amount and send the messages.

The funds are sent. The bot will send you a link through which the recipient can register on Bitbanker and claim their funds.

If the user registers through this link, you can earn an additional 30 USDT. For more details, please refer to the "Promo Codes" section.
How do notifications work

You have the option to receive essential updates regarding the status of your operations and account from two reliable sources: email and our Telegram bot.

By default, email notifications are activated.

You have three choices when it comes to notifications:

Receive notifications through both email and the Telegram bot.
Select a single source for notifications.
Disable notifications entirely.
How to enable notifications in the Telegram bot

On the main page, click on the profile icon and select “Notifications”.

Click on the “Connect Telegram bot” button. You will be transferred to Telegram.

Steps to follow in the bot:

1. Click on the “Start” button.

2. Submit the email address that your Bitbanker account is linked to.

3. A confirmation code will be sent to the specified address, send it to the chat with the bot.

4. The bot will notify you if everything went well.

5. A note that the Telegram bot has been connected will appear in your personal account.

How to enable email notifications

We offer two types of notification connections:

Basic notifications: These include confirmation codes, operation statuses, and alerts for logins from new devices.
Newsletter: Our monthly newsletter gathers our top publications from the previous month and keeps you informed about new service releases and platform updates.

To manage your email subscriptions, toggle the switch to the desired position to connect or disconnect mailings.

Please note that even if you disable system notifications, you will still receive emails regarding logins from new devices.
Promo codes
How to use the promo code link

1. Following the link, you will see the main page of

2. Click on the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner.

3. One promo code has already been automatically created on the registration page. All you have to do is fill in your email and come up with a password.

Benefits for distributors of promotional codes

As a distributor of promotional codes, you can enjoy the following benefits:

For each person who registers using your promo code and makes transactions of at least 1,500 USD or its equivalent within the following month, a 30 USDT bonus will be accredited to your balance.
You will immediately receive 30% of commissions from referrals' transactions within a year from the date of their registration, except for the interest-free period.
Five buy or sell trades without commissions.
Referral benefits

By using a promotional code during registration, you will receive the following referral benefits:

1. A bonus of 30 USDT will be added to your balance. Once the promo code is activated, you can choose to withdraw the bonus or transfer it to another account.

2. One month of commission-free trading.

The 30 USDT bonus and additional rewards will be granted upon activation of the promo code.

Additional Rewards:

1. Increased income on deposits (+2%) during the month.

2. A loan with a reduced interest (-5%) in an amount not exceeding 1,000 USDT for a period of one month. You can use a loan with a reduced interest only once within three months from the date of activation of the promotional code.

How to get 30 USDT

Upon registration, the referred user will receive a complimentary month of commission-free trading.

After the interest-free period ends, you'll need to trade an equivalent of 1,500 USD or more within the following month. Once you fulfill this requirement, the promo code will be activated.

The 30 USDT bonus will be unlocked within a few hours and can be withdrawn or transferred to another account.

How to create a promo code

You can use a template promotional code in your personal account.

To create a new promotional code, click on the “Create a new promo code” button.

Enter your promo code.

Done! The service has generated a link with a promo code for you.

How to track progress and statistics on promotional codes

Click on the profile icon and click on the “Promo codes” section. You will see the total income for all referrals and for each promotional code separately.

P2P Deposit and Withdrawal
What is P2P Trading?

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) is a direct exchange of funds between clients, with operators not directly involved in the transaction. However, they may intervene to resolve a conflict situation.

Bitbanker’s P2P platform acts as an intermediary in transactions, allowing clients to place their offers. The main function of the platform is to ensure the security and timely transfer of funds during the execution of a transaction.

You can respond to an existing offer from another client or create your own.

In the first case, you choose an offer from the list. You can select it manually or filter the list by the request amount and the recipient's bank.

All transactions on the platform are created by Bitbanker clients, not the service itself.
How to Create an Offer

On Bitbanker, P2P and all other transactions with fiat currencies can be conducted after identity verification. Learn how to pass verification in the Verification (KYC) FAQ section.

To engage in P2P exchange, two conditions must be met:

Set a nickname in your account settings. Other users will see this nickname when interacting with you.
Enable notifications through the Telegram bot for your account. This allows you to get a prompt notification when another client responds to your request.
How to Create a Request

From the main page, go to the “P2P Transfers" section.

Choose the type of transaction you want to create: deposit or withdrawal. Click on "Create Your Own."

Fill out the form and specify the conditions in your request:

The name of the bank to/from which the transfer is made.
Minimum and maximum balance for purchase. For example, if you need to deposit 50,000, create a request for 50,000. If you are willing to accept transfers in smaller amounts, indicate that you can accept two transfers of 25,000, for example. In this case, 25,000 is the minimum balance for purchase, and 50,000 is the maximum.
Commission amount.
Card number (the bank card, where you want the money transferred). You are only asked to input the card number for withdrawal requests.
Any comments if necessary.

Your request goes into the list of offers, and you need to wait for another client to respond.

When you receive a response for the exchange, you have ten minutes to initiate the transaction. Otherwise, it will be automatically canceled.

Canceling a Transaction Without Operator Assistance

You can cancel a transaction without operator assistance in two cases:

The transaction is automatically canceled if a user responds to the offer, but the creator of the offer does not confirm their participation within ten minutes.
The offer creator has confirmed participation in the transaction. Now, one of the participants must transfer funds to a bank card. If they change their mind, they can cancel the transaction before confirming the transfer.

To cancel, click the "Cancel order" button.

In all other cases, only an operator can cancel the transaction after clarifying the circumstances.

The Transaction Process

If you want to top up your Bitbanker balance and opt for an offer from the list, you land on the transaction page.

The creator of the transaction receives a notification and must confirm their participation within ten minutes.

Additionally, they receive notifications via email and Telegram.

Once the second participant confirms their participation in the transaction, you will receive a notification with the amount to transfer and their card number. On this page, you can see how much money you will receive in your balance and how much you need to send.

After making the transfer, click the "Confirm" button.

Then, the second participant checks their card balance and clicks the "Confirm" button if they have received the funds.

Once they do this, the service will close the transaction and transfer the funds from the balance of the second participant to your account.

You can view the transaction history in the "My orders" section.

If the second participant does not confirm the receipt of funds, the transaction does not automatically close. An operator intervenes and clarifies the details.

If anything goes wrong, both participants can call an operator. The "Operator call" button appears 15 minutes after the start of the transaction.

Resolving Disputes

Issues related to disputes are resolved by operators within the transaction chat.

An operator, a service security specialist, examines the situation and makes a decision in case of a dispute. The operator may request documents and explanations related to the transaction, and the user is obligated to provide this information.

When opening a dispute, attach a screenshot of the payment or a bank statement, along with a brief comment on the conflict.

The operator will then need time to reach a decision, and if necessary, may request additional information.

Under no circumstances release the funds until the actual receipt of funds into the account in full.
Checking Transaction History and Status

In the P2P Transfers section, click on the "My orders" tab above the list of all offers.

On this page, you can review the history of all transactions and filter them by types and statuses.

Service Rules

Trading rules are established to enhance the safety of service users.

They are mandatory for all Bitbanker  P2P users.

Violation of these rules may result in restrictions on your account, leading to a complete and irreversible block!
Prohibited and Undesirable Actions
Sharing contact information (phone number, email, etc.).
Advertising third-party websites/services, prohibited substances, illegal activities, etc.
Intentional disregard of the transaction partner.
Impersonating another person or a Bitbanker company employee.
Owning multiple accounts (multi-accounting) on the service.
Modifying transaction terms after it has started or with the intent to deceive the transaction partner (exchange rate, commission, payment method, etc.).
Trading using someone else's details/accounts/cards.
Intentional blocking of funds in the user's account.
Use of inappropriate language.
Any other forms of fraud.

Please take these rules seriously. If you have any questions, contact Bitbanker support.

Bitbanker retains the authority to enforce limitations on an account without disclosing reasons.

What to Do if Someone Contacts You and Suggests Conducting a Transaction Outside the Website

Conducting transactions outside our platform is strictly prohibited by the service rules. We cannot guarantee the safety of such transactions, and there is a risk of losing your funds.

A user who suggests discussing transaction terms or conducting it outside the service is violating the platform's rules.

In such cases, we recommend reaching out to customer support with a report of the violation.