Exchange Cryptocurrencies in Moscow

Exchange crypto for fiat cash or fiat cash for crypto at our Moscow office
Visit Bitbanker offices in Dubai and Moscow, and our trusted exchangers in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Alanya, Bishkek, and Yerevan
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Deposit and withdrawal of crypto and fiat currencies from bank cards or accounts, SWIFT, or cash at offices in Moscow, Dubai, and Bishkek
Bitbanker Offices
Moscow City, Moscow
Office visits are available by appointment only.
10:00 to 21:00
We work daily
Why Bitbanker?
Bitbanker is an international company with legal presence in Europe, UAE, and Central Asia.
With Bitbanker, you can perform operations with the most popular cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies easily, securely, and with no limitations.
Deposit funds with 0 fees
Deposit funds with 0 fees
0% fees on cryptocurrency and cash deposits
Convenient transfers via Telegram
Convenient transfers via Telegram
Send money via Telegram bot by username (Telegram username)
Top up your balance with a bank transfer in RUB
Top up your balance with a bank transfer in RUB
Minimum deposit amount is 5000 rubles
Crypto Payment Gateway for Online Merchants
Crypto Payment Gateway for Online Merchants
Integrate the crypto-processing solution and receive payments from customers in cryptocurrency
Commission-free Transfers
Commission-free Transfers
Transfer money to other Bitbanker clients via email with no fees
P2P Trading Without Deposits
P2P Trading Without Deposits
Unlike many other P2P trading platforms, Bitbanker does not require a deposit
Don't Lose Access to Your Wallet
Don't Lose Access to Your Wallet
Blockchains prevent the recovery of lost passwords. We can restore access to your wallet using your passport
Cryptocurrency Exchange Without KYC
Cryptocurrency Exchange Without KYC
Cryptocurrency operations without verification (KYC) for any amount
Cryptocurrency exchange in Moscow
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Customer Reviews
Michael Gilbert
Please add fiat currency UZS to be able to deposit without fees. For a long time, I was looking for ways to deposit without commission, then I found out about your site about a week ago, but I can't deposit fiat because I'm not in Russia.
Alina Kabay
I was looking for a platform with high income on deposits in stablecoins. As a rule, it is difficult to find more than 4-5 percent, but Bitbaneker gave 8% per year. I also liked that registration is very simple, you only need to confirm your email. To replenish cryptocurrencies, you do not need to go through KYC and this is a huge plus compared to other platforms.
It's amazing to get bonuses for every authorization. By the way, it would be nice if you add futures trading in the near future
Ismaïl Régragui
This is a great app with a fantastic customer support. I've recently made a mistake, sending BUSD on a USDT wallet. Any other company would have told me that the money is lost. But Bitbanker made an effort, took a risk and wasted time to help me solve the problem I was responsible for. Thanks a lot, I'll use your services again !
Mrs. G
I've recently registered on your platform. I rate it 5 stars for the opportunity to buy RUB for cash without fees. But what about those who are outside the Russian Federation?
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